I’m excited to present my first full collection of coordinated fabrics. They are based on line drawings I created in black ink, that In reversed and recolored to make white. I then picked a shade of purple i liked, then two lighter variations so all three shades work together. Lastly I manipulated my drawings so they were repeated in some way to create a design.

The majority of the designs have a one-direction print, meaning that if you use them to make a dress, you would have to place the pattern pieces so the pattern goes from bottom to top on all the pieces – unless you intend to have a design that changes direction for front to back or sleeve to sleeve!

Other patterns are constantly repeating so they can be used in any orientation. I understand from friends who quilt that finding related designs that at light, medium and dark in intensity is a constant quest, so offer these patterns to help in that quest!

The scale of the designs is also varied, from larger flowers to smaller ones, so they can be used for smaller or larger areas. From my Spoonflower dashboard I can increase and reduce the scale of the designs at will, but see it isn’t offered from the customer’s end. If you like a design, but need a different scale, let me know so i can create that scale for you!