Spoonflower has a wide variety of fabric weights available. You can read about each of them here.

The cotton fabrics range from the lightweight ‘Cotton Ultra’ to a heavy ‘Cypress Cotton Canvas’, so are suited to projects from fine linings to heavy upholstery. They also have chiffons, velvets, stretch fabrics, denim and Minky to choose from for different clothing needs.

You can buy a Fabric Sample Pack for a minimal fee to hold each of the fabrics and decide exactly which weight would be best for your project, or order an 8″ swatch of any design from them to see what the design looks like!

In addition to print on demand fabric, Spoonflower sells removable wallpaper and gift wrap using the same designs!

As they carry so many types of fabric (not to mention removable wallpaper and gift wrap!) I have chosen to have Spoonflower print the fabric or paper for you and mail it to you directly. Their customer service is really excellent, and their printing quality is wonderful.

All you have to do is use this link to visit my Spoonflower Shop. Once there, you select the design you like, then the quantity and type of fabric/wallpaper/giftwrap you need for your project.

Spoonflower offers sample kits of all their fabric types, plus you can order an 8″ swatch from them to see what the design looks like!

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As you can see, all the designs are easy to see, and when you click on a design you can choose the fabric toe, wallpaper type or gift wrap type plus the quantity. Generally Spoonflower prints and ships very quickly, and their shipping rates are very reasonable!

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