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Sewing & Drawing

Both my grandmothers, Godmothers and my mother all sewed and knitted, so it is no surprise that I simply fell into doing so too. I remember finding some brown fabric scraps from a project of my mother’s when I was 3 or 4, conscripting them, and being helped to turn them into a simple glove puppet.

I don’t remember what I first made for myself, but have many memories of sewing and knitting at school and at home. I would spend hours searching through the fabric bolts trying to find the perfect fabric for the pattern I had chosen, and later happy hours in yarn shops.

As my love of design has moved from the physical to the digital, new vistas have opened up. The rise of print on demand sites means I can design almost anything and upload the files for printing. It was only a matter of time before I started to create fabric and paper designs for my own use. These include Union Jack triangles for bunting, family recipe tea towels, paper for making specific origami flowers.

Now I have decided to be more deliberate about creating pattern designs, and so am designing collections. Join my mailing list to find out what is coming next!

Why Choose My Designs?

I hated carefully making a dress only to see someone else wearing the same fabric made into a a skirt – or one time, as a dog coat! The days of everyone shopping at the same fabric store in the same town are past, but commercially made fabrics are now sold all over the world, so the problem of finding the same fabric everywhere still exists,

My art and therefore my designs are created solely by me, and are not available in regular stores. The chances of coming across another person using my design in the same way you have chosen to do so are infinitesimal. If you like a design but would prefer it to be smaller or larger, just let me know, it is easier accomplished!

If you like to have unique clothes, quilts, home decor, or handmade projects, then you my designs are a great starting point!

How can I help you?

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