I have sewn for much of my life, doll’s clothes, clothes for friends and for myself, my wedding dress, home decor items, then clothes for my children and so it has continued!

Along the way I spent many happy hours in fabric departments choosing the fabric for my next creation, but always slightly frustrated that the exact pattern and colors I wanted were out of stock or didn’t exist.


Original Designs

The fabric designs on this site come from drawings, sketches, and art I have created. I feel free to recolor and manipulate my own art, and often surprise myself with the different forms they take.

My intention is to create coordinated collections that naturally work together through theme, colors and a variety of textures.

Whether you are a quilter looking for light, medium and dark shades that compliment one another, a dressmaker who wants a different fabric, or a crafter who wants fabric that isn’t available at regular stores, I offer you my designs.

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